Working at home, writing and blogging how I started

It all started at bassi school, writing stories in my notebooks and at home in a blue folder with a glittery squirrel on it. The folder I still saved with all the stories in it, nice to read it again. My children love them, too. I notice that my middle son has the same as me, he likes to dream away and has the greatest imagination, I recognize a lot of myself in him. And my mother also agrees.

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Bullying makes you insecure

Of course, the stories were not perfect, but still: 6 years had just learned to write, but I still did it for myself and I liked it. I was not a popular girl, was often bullied and left out, so I liked to hide myself with pen and paper. In the stories I didn't have to feel the grief, I didn't have to think about what the children did to me or were going to do to me. Kids are hard! I realize that very well. I want to protect my own children from this, but that task is virtually impossible.

The bullying never really passed, it seemed like I had called it on myself. And that makes you insecure, and still. I was no different from the others, but they still had to have me. In bassi school, high school and even in everyday life I am usually the center of nasty reactions. People often catch the weak, and I'll be in that category. I do not want to be insecure, but will I ever get rid of this??

But back to what it was about: How I started working at home, writing and blogging

Personally, I give the biggest reason why I started working at home, because I was never happy when I was employed. Always felt like I had to walk on my toes and prove myself every day. This will be a piece of uncertainty, of course. Because I always had that feeling, I have been up to a burn out several times, and maybe even went through.

Experiences that you experience are largely what you are, even in my stories and blogs you will read a lot of uncertainty. Afraid of failing, of making mistakes, because I know I make them. I'm not perfect, but do my best to entertain you with my blogs, and sincerely hope that you like to read my blogs for my writing style and share them on your social media channels to help others get through, because that's what I've been doing all my life. I blog very diverse, can blog emotionally and personally, but can also be commercially blogging. My blog style depends on my mood at the time of writing.

After several unpleasant experiences in paid employment and two beautiful children richer, I thought it was time to let others read my stories. I wanted my stories and figments to be read, hoping for positive responses, this would help me climb out of the deep valley, the valley I've been hanging in for years, the valley of harassment.

I created an account online under the name “Galaxy”. I wanted to anonymously send my stories out into the world, and if I made it, I would be overjoyed, because then I could finally cancel my contract and leave as a salary. And it worked, people started reading my blogs, sharing them, and I got more and more visitors who were going to read my blogs, how happy I was. Finally something positive happened, I had finally found my calling. The vocation as a writer, which I started from an early age, one of my biggest dreams besides getting married and becoming a mother.

Working at home through various writer sites, a.o. and Textbroker

I started working at home on websites where I could host my stories free of charge and earned a little money with them. Only the glory years of those sites passed, the income and visitors fell and other writers, with whom I had built a good virtual connection, also disappeared. Where did they go... I don't know... and left on their own. When I temporarily didn't write online, I worked on a book. I published this book myself, because there I am, the uncertain weather it would never be good enough to publish through a licensed publisher!

But the urge to write online, to get the reactions and visitors back remained strong. I started the writers sites again, but it never became the same again. Until I ran into Yoors, a site where anyone can blog regardless of their interests. You don't get paid for ad clicks, but for every visitor who comes to read your blog. Potential visitors who come to other blogs via a shared blog and has been developed so far that there is also a fun game element in it, namely Polish. By participating in Polish you can become the daily winner, but you will also be rewarded with boosters. is for me really a page that works, first I carefully placed some blogs, scanning what works and doesn't work, and so more and more came. The visitors came back, I received readers, income (YP), responses, and was already able to make a payout several times. In addition, brought me so much more, namely more knowledge and a pleasant platform that I come to several times a day. I flourished again. I recognized writers from the old days who started here too, fine! It's just like old times.

Working at home, writing and blogging how do I earn my income

Writing does not earn my main income, because I earn that with my own company as a guest parent. Everything I make with is extra. I write via Yoors and via textbroker (although my focus is now more on because of the freedom you can write about) The income I earn by writing is for the savings account, both for mine and my husband and for our three children. We've been through tough times, so the bills were pretty much empty. The best thing about writing online via is the interaction with other writers, you learn so much from each other. Even though everyone has their own writing style, one is better at it than the other, you're all here because you want your blog and stories to be read.

Working at home we will help each other?

I'm not a star in creating successful Facebook groups, where people join and click through to your blogs, but maybe you can help me, who has tips to start up with their own facebook group? How did you start, and which social media channels are the most popular to share your blogs?

Once again I would like to see my blogs and stories read, to interact with my blogs, so that I know if people are genuinely interested in what I write. Writing for me is a creative and emotional process, it helps me to move my mind, that was when I was little and still now. Everyone must have something safe to hide behind, with me these are my blogs.