If you're going to work with small beads, it's a whole search for pinterest, youtube, ect to the how to! You see the most wonderful things passing by and you think... “I want to make that too”. Eventually you will find something you like and get started! At least that's how it was with me.
After a lot of frustrations and a tendency to throw everything around the room, thinking that my eyes needed a different pair of glasses, it turned out that what I had picked out was a bit too high. But yes, all the beginning is difficult and how can it be simpler?
So you also want to start working with small beads here some tips.
The material:
  • Take care of a good lamp. An LED daylight lamp. That of the member is not expensive.
  • Needles: beadsmith needles, size 15 or miyuki beading needles.
  • Wire: One. G wire or miyuki wire. Size 0.15 mm or 0.2 mm. Also you can use fireline, but it is somewhat more expensive in the purchase.
  • The beads. Make sure you have a good quality of beads. Toho or miyuki seed beads size 011, 015, 08. That doesn't seem like much but you're taking it a long time! You already have a bag of beads for 0.95 cents.
    The more regular your beads, the more beautiful your work. You can not mix the toho and miyuki beads, because they differ in size.
  • Earhooks
  • Thin small jump rings if necessary. I usually string my work on the ear hook.
  • In the photo you see a diamond shape. These earrings are made with toho 08 and the technique is called the brickstich. The size beads 08 is perfect for practicing the technique, because with a larger size you can see what you are doing better. Afterwards, you can switch to the 011, and I've been looking up some tutorials for the brickstich. Of course you can also take a look at youtube yourself.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGkN8DAQWH4
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsqcCzS5hN8ich
I made the pattern in the picture myself. You can always adjust the colors. On checkered paper you draw the pattern in your chosen colors.
To prevent your work from “wiggling” a little, you can put on a coating there. I use transparent nail polish for this.

Have fun!