Workshop cutlery birds

Workshop cutlery birds


I do like learning new creative, hobby activities. Different approaches are used when a topic comes up. Reading instructions on youtube, enter specific facebookgroups, take a class , buy a book or just try it yourself.
Two years ago I learned how to weld. Took a one 1/2 day class and then started practising at a local Makerspace.
It went quite well and i got intrigued by making birds from cutlery.
In one of my groups I saw an advertisement of Curious Mondo and they had workshops on welding birds! I had to hurry, because the free live stream was that night. Curious Mondo is an American based organisation and I live in the Netherlands so I had to stay up at night.
The workshop was wonderfull and kept me for 3 hours behind the screen!
Even better two more metal birds workshops would follow.
Watching the live editions of the workshops is free.
If you want to see them on your own time, or multiple times you have to pay $ 137 for 9 hours and some extra bonus information.
During the live sessions they offer it a bit cheaper.

So if you want to watch for free you should look the online workshops!!!!!

Register for the newletter of Curious Mondo and you'll be aware of all the upcoming courses. They offer a wide range of topics from painting, coocking sculpture and a lot more. See second pricture First picture is the bird I made after the workshop.

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