Educatie verlies en rouw jeugdigen

In mijn praktijk Van Rups tot Vlinder bied ik lezingen, workshops en online cursussen aan ouders, opvoeders en professionals die meer willen weten over het proces van verlies en rouw bij jeugdigen.

Al op jonge leeftijd leerde ik zelf wat verlies was. Echter er werd in die tijd niet of nauwelijks gesproken over de gevoelens en emoties waar ik hinder van had ten gevolge van deze verlieservaring. Steeds maar weer werden deze opnieuw aan de kant geschoven, ze mochten er niet zijn.

Je kunt je wel voorstellen dat dit een behoorlijke impact heeft op hoe je jezelf verder ontwikkelt? Vooral als je op jonge leeftijd een verlieservaring doorstaat.

Het is dan ook mijn doel met mijn praktijk om het taboe op praten over verlies met jeugdigen te doorbreken.


verlies hoort ook bij het leven! 

In mijn lezingen, workshops en online cursussen bied ik aandacht aan wat nu eigenlijk verlies precies is. Tevens bied ik aandacht aan de ontwikkeling bij verlies, hoe ontwikkelt een jeugdige zich normaal gesproken en hoe als het een verlies doormaakt? Nog veel meer aspecten komen aan bod.

Neem gerust eens een kijkje op mijn website of laat een berichtje achter als je ergens vragen over hebt met betrekking tot verlies en rouw bij jeugdigen. Wellicht dat ik er dan een blog aan kan wijden.

My children's dream
#adreamihad We are living very stormy moments, our lives, our behavior has been radically changed, we have had to take equally radical measures, with regard to our new reality. One of the aspects that we always try to maintain, for the sake of our children, grandchildren, nephews, etc.. is health, and health in all its aspects, we are always aware that they maintain a good physical health, where it has to see the good time to sleep, eat well, do physical activity, take care of personal hygiene, we also worry that they carry a good mental health, where we must ensure that they have a good and high self-esteem, who develop an environment where they feel good with themselves and feel optimistic about the future, we can also highlight social health, economic health, public health, family health, we have to take into account many aspects of the experiences in which our children develop. Considering the above, I see a not very pleasant picture for our children. The situation through which the world is going through and not by a pandemic, but the crisis that several countries are going through, the awakening of a consent, young people tired of corruption in countries, in the great majority of Latin American countries. So, I wonder, if there is in the world, enough consent, so that the great powers and those countries where corruption prevails, can think about the future generational, and environmental, because we are engaging future generations, that is our children, we are maiming their dreams and we are pushing them and forcing them to living in a harmful environment. And the great disease of the world is corruption, because out of there are all the evils that humanity is experiencing. I have tried, that in every post I publish, to sow a seed that is watered all over the world through sharing, that when people read it move a little of their feelings, not so much for us, that we have been here for so many years already in this world, and what we must do, is to sow seeds of consent, but by “the dream of our children”. We are more good people and we want a different future for our children. Sowing seeds of consent, we will make it happen” the dreams of my children ".
Abnormal housing market
I've been with my friend for a while now and we're ready to take the next steps together.. Buying a house.. Well that at this time is not to do as a starter! My friend and I both work full-time, are busy saving and still it is very tricky at the moment. Requesting for a viewing is very difficult if you are not there on time! Often the viewing days are already full after an hour!?! The reserve list does not make sense because the houses are sold and outbid. There are currently so many people looking for a house. In my area, people put their homes for sale and they are even outbid by more than €50,000!! That's not normal anymore.. Being an interior designer, I'm quite critical of finding and buying a house, but after doing a lot of consessions we still can't get through! I would like to have an entry ready house, it doesn't have to be new, but still neat to join a few years! Also we need an extra room, of course for the future (like children) but also for my friend's hobby, he is a gamer. haha! We are already watching social media brokers, keep an eye on Funda regularly and try to get through a house. How would you do? Do you have any tips? It's once my dream to buy a real construction dump and rebuild it to my dream home! But that's something for the future!