World Water Day craft tips - March 22

On World Water Day, every year on 22 March, special attention is paid to Hetwater. Tap water, the rain, the water of rivers, lakes and seas. We all know that water is extremely important to all of us and that we need water every day. We all, the world, must be sparing our water, because we really cannot live without it!

There are many activities around the theme Water to do on 22 March. Such as helping with cleaning rivers and lakes, walking tours for drinking water, competitions for eco-saving inventions and all kinds of water-saving actions. Also for schools there are different teaching materials available, in all kinds of areas!

SAVE WATER! So do not shower too long, do not waste precious water, be kind to the environment, everything that grows and blooms and enjoy it.

And because there can never be enough fun crafts, I have made an overview of fun crafts and workpieces, which withWATER have to make.


Ironing bead pattern water drop


Ironing Bead pattern water wave


Ironing bead pattern water jug

Grind wax crayons with the sharpener and place it between baking paper/tracing paper and heat with the iron. Method: Pre-K Pages

Make a water well from a milk carton. Inna's Creations

Girl in the bath -

Source: Deavita

Beadboard swimming, source:

Beadboard swimming, source:

Make a peepbox aquarium. Method: The Best Ideas for Kids

Window decoration in water theme Families in Findorff e.V.

painting jam jars Kitchen Floor Crafts

Source: Miss Janneke

Folding boat and sticking it to paper plate

Felt or paper dropper doll figures Felt Board Magic

Watch how you make something like that: Minieco
Make sweet raindrop or cloud of felt around a paper clip: Mollie Makes

with the tips of an egg carton. Creator unknown.

Boat of 3 corks, cocktail stick as mast!

Art with watercolor: Design: BlogDuDesign

Art with torn paper pieces from magazine

With egg carton, 2 sticks and paper sails.

Whale made of paper.
Look here for the method

Coloring page to download at:

Droppie the raindrop puppie can be downloaded here: .

With chalk, watercolor and salt!

plastic jelllets in blue water

Stick adhesive film to the background. Movement for sale at hobby shops. Or use an old wall clock. Zazzle

From detergent, paint and water make these water drops Classe Misse Violette
Source: Etsy

Raindrops hooks! Free crochet pattern in German:

Stick sand and stones on a solid blue painted cardboard!

Craft a water box -

For various interactive lessons and water facts go to Water knowledge

For all kinds of games and facts, go to

For games and facts, check out Droppie

Trees you do this way!

Tree craft tips from De Craftseljuf Ede

Book Wondere world - Water - info

Book The crocodile who did not like water - specimen

Book The drop and the stone - specimen