A 13-year-old girl, rescued from under the rubble by a rescue dog, found another 4 people alive today thanks to the fantastic work of the rescue dogs from the Netherlands.
Rescue dogs are essential when looking for missing persons. They can be used during the day, at night and in any weather. The help they offer is free and the organization consists of volunteers.
This indispensable organization could certainly use money. I sincerely hope that the good work they are currently showing again will make the government decide to financially support them with a subsidy.
For now, that is not the case yet.
The RHWW is a Public Benefit Foundation (on the list of recognized charities) and is therefore extra interesting for both companies and individuals because of tax depreciation options.
The RHWW is still unsubsidized and does not receive any financial support from the government or from the major charities.

A one-off donation to account number ING NL42INGB0001973505 in the name of St. RHWW rescue dogs are very welcome.
Will you also participate as long as the government does not do it yet? # shame

Would you like to work hard for government subsidies for rescue dogs?