Wrapjes met gerookte zalm, rucola en kruidenkaas

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The new "normal"
#gezondheid  Life put us to the test for more than 1 year. It is not environmental pollution that makes us come out with a mask, it is a silent and deadly enemy that devastates the planet and with which we have learned to deal. Although deaths already exceed 3 million. In this new normal, the feeling of freedom, of feeling the breeze on our faces and letting others see our smile, was upset. We had to reinvent ourselves and learn to smile with our eyes, not to be so effusive in the greeting and not to make everything a reason to meet. The vaccines have not yet reached Venezuela to immunize and, at least, I feel that I have another shield against death. Meanwhile, I look at the greatness of nature and look for open and green spaces where my eyes fill with hope and my lungs with air, before thanking God for one more day of life. By the way, wear a mask, wash your hands often, and keep your social distance. That can make a difference. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- La nueva "normalidad" La vida nos puso a prueba desde hace ya más de 1 año. No es la contaminación ambiental la que nos hace salir a la calle con un tapabocas, es un enemigo silente y mortal que azota al planeta y con el que hemos aprendido a lidiar. Aunque ya las muertes sobrepasan los 3 millones. En esta nueva normalidad la sensación de libertad, de sentir la brisa en el rostro y que otros vean nuestra sonrisa se trastocó. Nos tocó reinventarnos y aprender a sonreír con la mirada, a no ser tan efusivos en el saludo y a no hacer de todo un motivo para reunirnos. Las vacunas aún no llegan a Venezuela para inmunizar y, por lo menos, sentir que tengo otro escudo ante la muerte. Mientras tanto, miro la grandeza de la naturaleza y busco espacios abiertos y verdes donde mis ojos se llenen de esperanza y mis pulmones de aire, antes de dar gracias Dios por un día más de vida. Por cierto, usa el tapabocas, lava tus manos con frecuencia y mantén la distancia social. Eso puede hacer la diferencia.
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21 things to do when you're 21
This week, I turned 21, so the clichés flew around me again. “Wow 21, now you're finally officially grown-up everywhere!” and "21? Now you can finally drink in America!” Yes.. because I missed that during all my trips to America — I've literally never been to America. But besides the cliché conversations, becoming 21 is really fun. Ik heb het gevierd met familie and vrienden and mijn sweet 21 was er eentje om toe te voegen aan m'n "heerlijkste herinneringen"lijstje ! Now, becoming 21 feels like a big step in your life, as people have such big deal of making. That's why I decided to set up a bucket list with 21 things I must have done on my 21. 1. graduating ! Ik zit in mijn laatste jaar Communicatiemanagement and doe nu m'n eindstage. Nog 3 weken stage lopen + mijn eindpresentatie brengen and ik ben afgestudeerd !  Woehoew !  2. Going to study abroad! Despite the job offer at my internship, I decided to study for another year or 2. Waar, wat and waarom? I can't figure that out myself yet, but as soon as I know.... I'll keep you informed ! 3. Write a story But before we start studying again, first enjoy a well-deserved holiday ! Since I have to get rid of my daily dose of creativity, I'm going to try to put this into writing my first own story. 4. Participate in the Color Run There are several festivals on my bucket list, but the Color Run is at the top! 5 kilometer lopen, er nog kleurrijker dan een regenboog of prideparade uitkomen and dan dansen, dansen, dansen !  Love it ! 5. Go Surfing Summervibes call me surfing vibes. Peddelen door zee, een zeebries in je haren and dan * hop * the surfboard on. For me the definition of ultimate pleasure ! I haven't done it in 6 years, so it's time to learn it back ! Dude, where are the waves? 6. Keeping a girlsnight Since not everything should be sun-sea-beach, I'll keep the next one for home. Met een stel vriendinnen een oldschool girlsnight houden met een filmpje, maskertjes, cocktails and een hoop truth-or-dare's and never-have-i-ever's ! 7. Starting a career as a photographer Portrait photography, experimenting with light, experimenting with depth of field,... for that you have to be with me ! 8. Visit the pandas in Pairi Daiza Ik ben een ontzettende liefhebber van panda's and vind het dus schandalig dat ik er nog nooit één in het echt gezien heb. Hoog tijd om daar verandering in te brengen and op uitstap te gaan naar de zoo, Pairi Daiza! 9. Practicing a new hobby Studying abroad becomes a “new start” for me. And with a new start comes a new hobby ! What do I not know yet, a sport, something creative or whatever.  Ideas are always welcome ! 10. Taking photos in a foreign photobooth This is ideal when friends come to visit! Toerist in "eigen" land spelen and met z'n allen in een photobooth hokje kruipen. Simpel, maar ontzettend leuk and het bezorgt je leuke herinneringen (en foto's) ! 11. Holding a Halloween themed party Halloween is my favorite party.. Met griezelig verklede mensen, drankjes die je de stuipen op het lijf jagen and spooky partygames.  And as closing track “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? Because you can watch this on Halloween or Christmas? Both anyway ! A Halloween to never forget so ! 12. Finish my movies/series to see list Omdat het niet allemaal met feesten te maken and af and toe rusten ook belangrijk is, zet ik deze ertussen. Verder het "gat in mijn cultuur" opvullen met films als Batman, Superman, Tangled and Brave. And a lot of other movies I don't come up with right now.. 13. One week of digital detox A week no social media, no mobile phone. Bij wijze van spreken alleen op de wereld, maar wel zorgen dat de mama and de papa niet ongerust worden natuurlijk * wink *. 14. Skiing or snowboarding Not necessarily go skiing somewhere in Austria, because then I have to take classes, but once indoor. For example, in Landgraaf in the Netherlands would already be quite an experience. 15. Going to an upperdare I've heard the best stories about it, so now I want to attend one, an upperdare. Gezellig samen met vriendinnen, bijpassende hapjes and grapjes.  Yep, I can see it all! 16. Skinny dipping in the dark Warmed by the upperdare or not. Somewhere in a secluded bungalow in the Ardennes, or just in the evening at someone's house in the pool/jaccuzzi. Die ké fool, go ké skinnydipping ! 17. Les Mills Become an Instructor Ik ga wekelijks bodycombatten and bodyjammen in Basic Fit. Misschien is het dan eens de moment om een stapje hoger te klimmen and deze oh-zo-zalige lessen zelf te geven? After all, they keep saying, Do what you love and you won't have to work a single day in your life 18. Buy my own car Vaarwel "mama, kun jij me daar of daarheen brengen", hallo "ik ga and sta waar ik wil" ! I got my driver's license a few weeks ago, so let the car follow soon ! 19. 16 km learn how to walk I've been saying it for too long, that I'm going to walk the Antwerp 10 Miles. De Kidsrun and Ladiesrun heb ik al meegedaan, dus nu - dan toch - mijn volgende uitdaging: de 10 Miles!  Ciao apologies ! 20. Getting a sportier body With all my above goals that's gonna have to be okay, but that ultimate summerbody has been on my bucket list for far too long to still not have made it.  Shame on me ! 21. Getting a tattoo En om te eindigen, mijn grootste droom - and mijn ouders hun grootste nachtmerrie - een tattoo laten zetten !  * hearteyes * It looks like my 21 is going to be the busiest, but probably also one of the best years of my life. What do you think, I will manage to complete this complete list? At least I'll keep you posted !