At Proakatemia, essays are commonplace. Some people love writing, for others it's a bogeyman. But anyone can learn to like writing and reading - absurd as that may sound to some. But there are few alternatives, so ideally everyone should enjoy writing. I firmly believe that the feeling of well-being that follows the experience of success makes writing more enjoyable. And you https://essayassistant.net/   can get that experience by writing a good essay - an essay in which the writer has been able to express themselves exactly as they intended. So how do you write a good essay?

What exactly is an essay?

An essay is a factual, investigative and reflective piece of writing. Essays can be divided into two sub-genres: subjective essays and thesis essays. A subjective essay is a more fictional, factual piece of writing that aims to express the opinions and thought process of its author at the time of writing. A subjective essay is therefore close to an opinion piece or column. A research essay, on the other hand, takes a scientific perspective and an objective approach. Textual references and bibliographies are quite common and desirable in this type of essay.

Proacademic essays can be of either of the above types. Regardless of the type of essay, its structure is often similar.

Structure and text formation

The simplest and most common structure of an essay is as follows:

The most common approach to essay writing is to start with an introduction.
End of the essay

In my opinion, however, this most common example of structure is too simple and does not really open up much for a lesser writer.  To make writing easier, I prefer a more complex structure in my essays. This also makes it easier to internalise what is written, and allows both the writer and the reader to chop up the text in their minds. However, the steps in writing an essay are still a chapter in itself, alongside the structure of the essay.

I will now list the steps that I have found to be the best for the whole:

1. Choose a topic. Choose a book or other material that interests you. Find a book or a book on a subject or topic that you like. It usually always gives you something and you can always go back to it. You can also write an essay without the material, in which case it fits more into the pattern of an opinion piece. It is desirable that the subject matter speaks to you or gives you food for thought.

2. What do you claim, what are your points? Arguments are the virtue of a writer who wants to be comfortable; they make writing and creating structure much easier. When you are reading a book, researching material or thinking about your topic, write down things and phrases that make sense to you, for example in a notebook on your phone. You don't have to agree with the author on the content of the phrase. It is enough that it makes you think. There should be three or more statements, depending on their content. Example. Do you only listen to get an answer?" etc.

3. Creating a structure makes the essay more coherent. The structure/script acts like a rough draft of the buy definition essay table of contents; what you cover and in what order. It is a good idea to write down the script for yourself so that if you stop writing the essay, you know where to go next.