The depression

As I mentioned before that I was in the depressed state for three years. My father died. He was so close to me. I couldn't study anymore . I just couldn't. Then I got bad results. Which always created a feeling in me that Iam a loser I do not deserve any blessings. I don't deserve to eat. So I stopped eating. I don't deserve expensive and new clothes so I never go on shopping. I liked things and I wanted to have them but the dark feeling inside me taking over my soul said you don't deserve it. I became weak and even any person who sees me understands I am deep depression. As the blood flows through my veins it hurts and I feel it. My left wrist hurts so much that I press it for long to stop hurting. I feel pain all the time physically . My dak depression was taking over my soul and torturing it finishing it day by day