Hey, as I mentioned in my first post, I'm going to try out my writing skills, but so far I only have some poetry written and one big work that is all over the place, so until I edit it to a presentable level I'm going to share my poetry first 😊 This was the first one that I've ever written and I dare think that I've gotten a little bit better, but I'll let you guys be the judges 😄

Mirror, mirror, do you see
Fire burning bright and fierce?
Through the window of my eyes
Making me feel strong, alive.  

There are mountains where I fall,
Also, there’s a sky to soar.
Time keeps moving, days pass by,
Things start looking almost fine.

Then there finally comes time –
It’s that point of your whole life
When you feel you have achieved
Everything you’ll ever need.

Thoughts like these let you forget
All the times you sadly wept.
It reminds you’re not alone
And your heart’s not made of stone.

You have people who do care
More about you than they dare
Ever to admit to you.
But it’s fine, you know the truth.

There are those who loudly claim
Life without you would be vain.
You believe in them as well
Cause you know their hearts so well.

Mirror, mirror, do you see
Fire burning bright and clear?
Fire that can vouch for you
That you’re human being too.