Writing new version of Oriental Tango this year

I just came up with a new version of the Eastern Tango. Trying to learn and play without mistakes. So far it doesn't work: no light + calluses on my fingers from habit.

In general, I have been writing this tango for the third year. There are 3 audio recordings. The most successful one was exactly a year ago - https://yoo.rs/eastern-tango

This year I added 16 bars instead of repetitions (reprise). In total, there are already 100 bars, about 3 pages of music. There is something to play, more guitar techniques and generally more fun, but it's harder to learn by heart and it's less like Oriental Tango without repetitions, more like Oriental History.

You can download free sheet music here: https://iluha.home.blog/2020/09/26/east-tango/

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