Ever since Renesmee had begun school, she had less and less time to mindlessly spend her days on her phone and that made everyone around her feel happier and calmer. Gone would be the days when they would hover over her and worry about every single move she made. Now, all they needed to make sure was that the youngest member of the family did her schoolwork and kept her secrets to herself. The rest was up to her.

Renesmee was improving at her afterschool singing classes and soon, she could perform in a recital, if she wanted to. She had politely declined, however. Not only she was making giant leaps for the Cullen family by practically exposing herself too much via an afterschool activity, but if she went on stage, she could potentially be discovered by an agent and that was the last thing she desired - she didn't want the fame, she wanted a life that was as normal as possible.

Mel Hatzi was having a hard time comprehending why would someone who was involved in such an activity like the vocal group refuse the chance to perform on stage in front of people, "But you are so good, Renesmee! You deserve this opportunity!"

"Mel, I don't sing so that I can be on stage. I sing because I want to do it, because it's something I enjoy doing," Renesmee calmly explained to her new best friend. It felt strange to her that the role that Jacob was automatically supposed to fulfil as a shapeshifter who had imprinted, was now taken by a girl the hybrid had met not even a month earlier.

Mel shrugged, accepting Renesmee's explanation and moved on, "Anyway, do you have plans for the weekend?", she asked with a grin on her face. It was evident she had planned an event and wanted for her friend to participate.

Renesmee widened her eyes, a smile spreading on her face, "I know that look, Mel. What on Earth have you planned?" Ever since Renesmee and Mel had met, together they had explored different places around the area - it had become their little tradition on a Saturday morning, including breakfast if they could afford it.

The human girl squealed from joy and continued, "Come to my place?

Renesmee laughed, agreeing. She had never been to Mel's place before. She had only heard of how big (and loud) her family was.

That Saturday, it felt strange for both girls to not wake up early in the morning to explore. Instead, Mel had spent the remainder of the morning cleaning her room and getting ready. And after that, she picked up Renesmee and together, they took a long stroll on the way to Mel's house.

Before Mel could even open the door of her home, loud music could be heard from the inside. Renesmee didn't even need her superhuman hearing to recognize Linkin Park's "A Place For My Head". She let out a squeal, recognizing the song.

Mel grunted from annoyance when she unlocked the door. The music was even louder than ever. She perfectly knew where it came from - her brother's room. And then, she realized - she had to introduce her brother to Renesmee. Not that it was needed to. But she knew her family would make her do it out of politeness.

Mel was showing her guest the living room and was about to go serve fizzy drinks when Renesmee got distracted by looking at the family photos. One stood out the most. It was a photo of a young boy standing in front of buildings.

The boy of the photo somehow made her feel as if she had met him before. Perhaps she had seen him at the mall? Or she could have shared a glance with him at school? Looking closer, she recognized the band logo on the shirt he was wearing; it was one of her favourite bands. It made her grow even more curious about what kind of person he was.

Renesmee turned to Mel and asked, pointing at the boy in the photograph: "Who is that? He's very handsome," she said, a small smile creeping on her face

Renesmee turned to Mel and asked, pointing at the boy in the photograph: "Who is that? He's very handsome," she said, a small smile creeping on her face.

The other girl simply waved her hand in negligence, "It's just my twin brother. Many girls find him handsome, but he will never look at any of them. I thought he could be gay, but he never looks at boys either."

Renesmee barely knew the boy from the photograph, but that didn't stop her from defending him that he didn't need to date if he didn't want to.

Mel spoke almost robotically, as if she had practised it far too many times: "He's sixteen. He shouldn't stay in his bedroom all the time."

Just as Renesmee was about to add more to her argument, the door slowly opened and the boy from the photography was standing there, tall, with zero interest in his eyes about his surroundings.

Mel smirked while crossing her arms over her chest, "Look who finally came out of his shell," she taunted.

But her brother didn't find it funny. Instead, he snorted: "Shut up, Mel."

Mel chuckled, but before she was about to leave the room with her guest, she remembered that she had to be somewhat polite and introduce her best friend to her brother, as much as she didn't feel it was necessary:

"And Theo? This is Renesmee," she spoke and then turned to Renesmee, "Renesmee? This is Theo - my twin brother."

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CUPS OF TEA [10] - A The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction