Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

Not far in front of Lin Dong, the light fell heavily. He fixed his eyes on it, and a sense of astonishment immediately rushed to his face, only to see that the luster of the light was weakened, and that the exposed appearance was actually a black rat about the size of a palm, which was as dark as ink! What shocked Lin most was that the tiny eyes of the black rat were not muddy, but filled with a very humane anger. What is this Looking at the black rat's angry appearance, Lin Dong could not help but take a breath. Chapter one hundred day demon mink …… Mouse Lin looked at the black mouse, which looked no more than the size of a palm, and lost his voice in surprise. He obviously didn't expect that the thing hidden in the space of the stone amulet would be a mouse. Asshole, you're the rat! , When he heard the cry of Lin Dong, the black mouse's hair stood up all over his body, and his small eyes were full of anger staring at Lin Dong, which turned out to be spitting words! …… A talking mouse? Lin Dong was also startled by the black mouse and looked at the little thing strangely. It was the first time he had seen a mouse that could talk. You are an ignorant bastard. You are a demon mink, not a mouse! Hear the forest move or call it a mouse, that "black mouse" immediately voice sharp way. Demon mink. Seeing the mouse's exasperated appearance, Lin moved a happy, immediately silently nodded, the name is domineering, but now this thing, it really looks like just an ordinary black mouse. Well,Pallet rack supplier, I don't care if you're a demon or a shemale, you tell me why you're here! Some of the previous tension, at this moment has been diluted a lot of Lin move to find this. Demon emperor mink "does not seem to have any power, otherwise, he would not have been caught over." What do you mean I'm here, boy? I am the master of this stone amulet, I am not here, where? The little black mink's eyes sparkled,Narrow aisle rack, and he clasped his paws on his chest and said.. Are you the master of Shi Fu? Lin moved a Leng, immediately bowed his head and stared at the black mink seriously, and under his gaze, the mink immediately hurriedly retreated a few steps, ready to turn around and flee. You are not the master of the stone amulet. Staring at the black mink for a moment, Lin shook his head. Although the mink might be a little unusual, his intuition told him that this guy was lying. If you don't believe me, boy, now the stone amulet is in your hand. If you want to enter here, you can enter. But our well water doesn't interfere with the river water. Master Diao doesn't interfere with you. Don't bother Master Diao either!.. The mink curled the corners of his mouth and said. Lin Dong slanted his head slightly and stared at the mink. Suddenly he said, I.. You seem afraid of me? Ha ha, ha ha.. Hearing this, the black mink's two paws were suddenly inserted in his waist, and he looked up to the sky and laughed, heavy duty racking system ,Steel racking system, as if he had heard very ridiculous words. Seeing this, Lin moved a slight smile in front of him. The "magic needle" is condensed again. Whoosh! At The little mink, who was still laughing, ran far away with a whoosh. His small eyes stared nervously at Lin Dong. "What do you want to do?" He screamed. The voice fell, and when it saw Lin Dong's smiling face, it suddenly came back, gave a peep of anger, and then slowly walked to a safe distance from Lin Dong. Butt sits down, way: "Boy, what do you want to do after all?"? Although Diao Ye is only a demon spirit now, but you also don't annoy Diao Ye, otherwise, everyone has no good fruit to eat. Demons.. Hearing this, Lin's eyes are slightly congealed, it is said that only some of the most intrepid monsters, it is possible to condense out the demon spirit in front of this self-proclaimed so-called. Does the little thing of "the demon mink" really have a very horrible origin? I'm supposed to have woken you up? Lin Dong suddenly asked. Cut, what do you mean by awakening, if not for the "Fire Ancestor Demon Flower", you will not see Diao Ye in a hundred years, and if Diao Ye did not help you absorb most of the power of the "Fire Ancestor Demon Flower", you would have died clean.
"The mink disdained the way." Well, that time, it was thanks to you. Lin was stunned and immediately chuckled. Seeing that Lin Dong admitted it so readily, the little mink was stunned for a moment. He immediately stared at the former suspiciously and said, "Boy, do you want to paralyze Master Diao and then take the opportunity to swallow Master Diao's demon spirit?" …… What good will it do me to swallow your spirit? Hearing this, Lin could not help asking curiously. Well, no good, no good.. The little mink waved his paws vigorously. Seeing that Lin Dong seemed to be ignorant of these things, he breathed a sigh of relief quietly in his heart. Now he had just been awakened and was very weak. Even Lin Dong could easily swallow his demon spirit. So he was cautious by nature and had been hiding in the dark, not daring to show himself. Can you tell me why you're here? Don't fool me, or else. Lin Dong looked a little more serious and asked. He felt very unnatural when he thought of something hiding in the stone amulet in his flesh and blood. As I said, I am the master of the stone amulet, well, just one of its former masters. Seeing Lin Dong's suspicious look, the mink could only change his tune and said, "Not long after I got this thing, I was hunted down and killed. In the end, I could only fight to explode myself. The demon spirit hid in the stone amulet and finally escaped.." You used to be strong? Lin asked with a smile. Just so so strong, you used to put a fart can also jump to death. The mink waved his paws and said casually, but this made Lin roll his eyes and not believe it too much in his heart. Hey hey "boy, you get this stone amulet, also do not know is lucky or unlucky." The mink's small eyes suddenly stared at Lin Dong and laughed strangely. What's the matter Lin Dong said in surprise. Nothing, maybe you will know later, although your death has no effect on me, but for the sake of your not having a bad heart, I still remind you that this thing,Cantilever Storage rack, don't let anyone know, otherwise, hey.. omracking.com