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Overview of the events day 35

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Day 35 (February 3, 2020) - China lashes out

China accused the US of setting a bad example during these first weeks of the corona crisis "The only thing the US has done is spread fear and create panic," the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. "A bad example."

China is referring to the fact that America was the first country to bring citizens back from Wuhan and to stop all journeys to China. There is also a travel ban for people from China. "They have not helped us in any way and have over-reacted." "

Closing borders has no use at all," the ministry said it hopes that other countries will base their decisions on scientific facts.

Around the same time, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced that Russia would expel foreign citizens as soon as the virus was detected.

China is now deploying a large number of drones to combat the virus remotely. This allows the police to alert and monitor people on the street without getting infected. "You can't go outside without a mask", a drone told an older Chinese lady in a video on Weibo. "Go home quickly and don't forget to wash your hands." 

 Tech sites previously reported that drones were used to spread disinfectants. 

 In addition, the country has begun testing a vaccine named Remdesivir on humans. Due to a lack of alternatives it was decided to start testing on humans faster than normal.

Remdesvir was developed as an anti-Ebola and Marburg virus infection agent, but also appears to be effective against the Junin and Lassa virus, and SARS and MERS in laboratory animals.

Finally, it seems that China is asking for help for the first time. The Chinese Foreign Ministry emphasized that the 20 million masks that the country produces every day are not enough.


To Mask or Not to Mask?

First of all, it depends on which mask you use.

"A mask that you buy at the pharmacy can never offer total protection against a virus transmitted by air," said Eric Litvack, medical head for preventive medicine and monitoring at the Montreal Public Health Department. This is because the virus may end up in the blood through the hands to the mouth or through the eyes.

Masks partially prevent the infection. They do help if they are worn by people who are sick (they act as a barrier to stop the tiny droplets that are emitted when they cough or sneeze).

Certainly with this virus that is already contagious before the symptoms occur, it is important to do everything possible to prevent infection. But the masks do not provide a hermetic seal, so very small drops that hang in the air can still come through.

The disadvantage of the masks and a reason why wearing them is often discouraged is because once the mask is contaminated it must be discarded immediately. People who are not aware of this can touch the mask with their hands or leave it lying around.


Nor do people tend to use the right etiquette while wearing a mask. For example, someone can still touch his mouth, which can cause an infection.

Hand washing is generally considered to be more effective than face masks for this particular virus, especially if you are not infected.

In short, the best thing you can do is wash your hands regularly and follow the correct hygiene etiquette. This means coughing or sneezing in your elbow, throwing away handkerchiefs after drinking your nose and then washing your hands. Do not touch your mouth or nose to prevent the transmission of pathogens.

The above advice is useful in any case during the current flu season, who knows that the #Wuhanfear spreading throughout the world  will reduce the number of cases of 'normal' flu.


According to WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Tencent and TikTok made steps to reduce the spread of fake news about the virus. "People looking for information about the virus," Tedros says, "now get the WHO information at the top of their search results." This guy wants to counter fake news, great! But at the same time he praises the way China has dealt with the virus and he was impressed by the knowledge the Chinese president displayed regarding the virus and the outbreak. Who is spreading fake news here?

Talking about possible, but very persistent (fake) news. For days I have been reading about bodies in the affected Chinese areas that, it seems, are being cleared like cattle. Without funeral, without identification, thousands of bodies in the crematoria (that seem to be running 24/7) seem to be burned. This is done to keep the numbers artificially low and to save the Chinese government a huge shame. The numbers mentioned in such non-official sources speak of a death toll of well over 10,000 (official number 362).

And then there was some fuss about the fact that Dettol would work against the corona virus ..... Dettol confirmed today that this statement is correct, but that this does not apply to the new corona virus.

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