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Overview of the events day 36

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Day 36 (February 4, 2020) - China admits (a bit)

China admits that the country has not responded adequately to the corona virus outbreak. The standing committee of the police station says that in future such a national emergency situation needs to be improved.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China has started a "race against the clock" to curb the spread and that those who neglect their duties will be punished.

In Wuhan, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Ground Force takes over the supply of medical supplies. "The Beijing leadership realized that almost all donation points in Hubei and Wuhan have had supply problems, that some opportunists are using this crisis to make money," said a military source. The PLA also sent 1400 medical troops to staff the new Wuhan hospitals build during the last  10 days.

Japan has locked down a cruise ship with 3700 people on board. The ship is under quarantine and may only continue sailing if everyone has been checked for infection with the Wuhan virus. The ship is anchored in front of the port of Yokohama, after infection was discovered with a holiday maker from Hong Kong.

In the meantime, around 70% of the tests are supposed to be completed. The expectation is that the ship may leave the port tomorrow and resume its course.

This morning it was announced that one of the nine Belgians, who were brought home from Wuhan, is infected with the corona virus. There were also Dutch, French, Danish, Slovak and Czech people aboard the aircraft. But according to the Dutch CGC the GGD, the infected Belgian will not change the situation of the Dutch. How an infected person came on board is still unclear.


Quarantine @ Home

That same GGD says there is no danger in the fact that Dutch citizens, who (together with the infected Belgian) were evacuated from Wuhan and Hubei, will go into quarantine at home. The Dutch have daily telephone contact with the GGD. They have been asked to measure their temperature once a day and to watch for symptoms. According to the GGD, this is done 'on the basis of trust'. Stricter measures are not necessary as long as they do not have health problems.

The GGD is of the opinion that an own house is suitable, but a student house, for example, is not. ,, The people who are in quarantine at home, receive certain rules from us. They must stay in the home, they may not enter the garden or the balcony. They should also not receive visitors or receive packages, "Ter Schegget says.

They must have their own room and they cannot share the same bed with their partner. The latter does not apply if the partner has also been to China. meters away from their housemates.

RULES? This is not a game, right? As far as I have been able to ascertain, the Netherlands is the only one or one of the few countries that allows people to quarantine at home. Such convenience may facilitate the same convenience for those in quarantine. I am not saying that people will not follow the rules of the game, but since the beginning of time people have been cheating a bit and bending rules where they can.


Where are other evacuees quarantined

The US reports that the 195 American citizens, who were evacuated from Wuhan, voluntarily went into quarantine for 14 days. They currently reside at the March Air Reserve Base in California. One person tried to leave the base the first night and was placed under a 14-day quarantine by the local authorities.

France uses 2 facilities in the South of France for the evacuated French people.

The United Kingdom accommodates its 300 people from Wuhan and Hubei for 14 days at Arrowe Park hospital in Wirral, Merseyside.

Germany places its 115 evacuees in quarantine on a military base in the city of Germersheim, 120 kilometers south of Frankfurt. One of them said there was "a lot of medical support". "When we leave our rooms, we have to wear a mask. Of course we can go outside to get some fresh air, but we always have to wear masks."

Australia uses Christmas Island, located 2,600 km from mainland Australia in the Indian Ocean, as the location for those evacuated. They are placed there in quarantine for up to 14 days, the internationally recognized incubation period for the virus.


Translates into How corona got started

The typical dictatorial remark about duties and punishments of the Chinese president goes hand in hand with the images that come out about whistleblowers who are punished for bringing out information that is sensitive to the Communist party.

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