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Overview of the events day 25

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Day 25 (January 24, 2020) - Europe Infected

Not Finland, but France confirms the first cases of the corona virus in Europe. The first case was established in Bordeaux, the second and later the third around Paris. French health minister Agnes Buzyn stated in a press conference that more cases would probably occur in the country. 

A doctor's office reports via Facebook that the man admitted to Bordeaux has stated that he has traveled back from China via the Netherlands. Something that the National Institute for Public Health and  Environment (RIVM) has investigated and now denies. The RIVM calls it a misunderstanding. Which is logical, because as long as there is no contamination, the RIVM will do everything to prevent panic (such as in social media images from Wuhan). #wuhancoverup  

The two tourists from Wuhan who were previously admitted with flu-like symptoms in Ivalo, Finland, test negative. In the meantime, possible infections have been reported in Scotland. 

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, normally about 3 trillion (3000 million) people travel nationally and internationally to be with their families. This may cause a new explosive rise in the number of infections.


Yesterday we had 628 Chinese infections and 17 deaths. That has risen in just over 24 hours to 916 cases of infection, 26 of which were fatal. These are the official figures, but the MRC Center for Global Infectious Disease in London expects that over 6,000 have already been infected in the Wuhan epicenter.

The number of Chinese provinces proclaiming the level 1 public health emergency has risen from 3 to 8 since yesterday (Anhui, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Shandong, Fujian and Guangxi).

The city of Jingzhou has now also been placed under quarantine, bringing the number of people in quarantine cities to 35 million. Such extensive insulation has never taken place before.

The city of Wuhan with its 11 million inhabitants has since been completely separated from the outside world. Public transport is completely flat and normal traffic is also limited. The people who did not leave the city in time are standing in long lines to stock up on food and fuel at ever-increasing prices.

In the countries around China, the reports of Japan, South Korea and the United States are all confirming their second case. Singapore confirms its second and third case, Thailand its fifth case and Nepal its first case (a student who returned from Wuhan).

The governments of Beijing and Shanghai "insisted on residents returning from the corona virus outbreaks to stay at home for 14 days to prevent spread."


The red areas are the confirmed cases of the Corona virus. The blue circles are the possible infections that were reported between 23 and 24 January but have not yet been confirmed .