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Overview of the events day 31

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Day 31 (January 30, 2020) - Huwan virus already infects more Chinese than SARS

The new Coronavirus has already infected more people in China than the comparable SARS virus did between November 2002 and July 2003. Then, in South China and Hong Kong, 7082 people became infected, of which 648 did not survive the SARS virus. The new coronavirus has already officially infected 7,711 people in China, of which 170 have died.

A renowned Chinese epidemiologist mentioned on Thursday via the Xinhua news agency that it will take at least another three months before there is a vaccine against the new corona virus that has been proven to work.

About 6,000 passengers from a cruise ship were stuck on the boat in Civitavecchia (Italy) due to two possibly infected Chinese passengers. In the course of the afternoon a message was sent out via the Italian media that no contamination was found.

The UK, Japan and US have started evacuating their citizens from the Wuhan area. Over 200 US evacuees landed yesterday in Riverside, California. Non of them are currently showing any symptoms of the virus.

Upon arrival in Japan three Japanese evacuees were found to be infected with the virus, although they showed no symptoms leaving China. This led to further discussion on the size of the risk to release the virus into a countries that have no infected citizens.

Singapore announces every household to receive four masks.

In Hong Kong a run has developed on the protective mouth caps against the corona virus. People stand in line for hours to buy a mouthpiece using a ticket issued by the government.

ChongqingIf there are enough masks, there are huge rows. This goes against the advice not to participate in large meetings.

Chinese Internet censorship is booming

Yesterday I wrote about the stricter rules and the decrease in images coming from the lock down area.

It was almost made impossible for the Chinese women's rights fighter Guo Jing, who kept a diary on WeChat, to post her story. Whether we can read more of her now that the BBC translated parts of the diary, remains to be seen.


Below some passages.

January 23: ,, I didn't know what to do when I woke up and the city was closed. Friends told me to hoard. Rice and noodles are almost sold out. The pharmacy only allows a limited number of customers. Masks and alcohol disinfectants are sold out. "

January 24: New Year's Eve. ,, The government did not say how long the lock down of the city will take , nor how long we can continue to function. People say it may take until May. I think I had my had up to thirty times a day."

January 25th:,, I saw a little blood when I coughed and I was scared. My head is full of worries about illness. I have bought another 2.5 kilos of rice although I already have seven kilos at home. I couldn't help it that I bought sweet potatoes, noodles, sausages, red and green beans, millet and salted eggs. I don't even like salted eggs. I have enough to eat for a month, these compulsive purchases are insane. "

January 26: ,, On the first day of the closing I could not write anything on the social media (because of the censorship ). Internet censorship has been around in China for a long time, but now it seems even more cruel .. "

January 28: ,, In many cities people are required to wear a mask outside. Some citizens without a mask have been thrown out of public transport. We don't know why they didn't wear a mask. Maybe they didn't have the money or they didn't know the ordinance. In online videos, some people have sealed the doors of people who have quarantined themselves. ""

In particular, the stories about the lack of masks, the people being locked into their homes and the people being thrown out of public transport confirm the images that I can still find in the last days. I also found another diary, images below:


I have not been able to find out exactly who wrote this second diary, but it does tell about a number of other things that were shown over the last few days.

Such as that the singing from the apartment buildings in Wuhan was fully orchestrated by the government and that despite the report that people should wear masks while singing, doctors warned that such actions could lead to even more infections. There is a good chance that saliva will be moved from the top to the bottom neighbors.

Finally, the writer talks about a decrease in the number of people reporting with fever at the Frontline Fever Clinics. Around midnight there is more medical staff than patients for the first time.


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