X Audiobooks You Can Listen to On the Commute

We have all got a long commute to deal with every morning and it can be such an emotional and physical struggle by the end of it. What’s worse, it’s not only a one-time thing, it’s two times a day! In a lot of cases, the commute can actually impact your wellness, personally or professionally.
But how do we deal with this mind-numbing commute? One way you can do this is to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts allow your mind to escape your reality, which is what anyone would want instead of being present during the commute. If you are looking for recommendations, you have come to the right place.
First things first, before you move on to how you can go about listening to audiobooks and podcasts, there’s a catch. Make sure you have an internet connection that allows you to stream audio for a long period; the internet data has to last long. We recommend going for Comcast Xfinity mobile service for reliable 5G connectivity. Dial the Xfinity phone number to learn more.
Five Best Audiobooks and Podcasts
Now that you have decided on a good data plan to accommodate you throughout the commute, find below the list of audiobooks and podcasts app that you need to download on your phone;
This app made digital audiobooks very popular among its listeners. It completely transformed the whole marketplace from DVDs and cassette tapes to MP3 players. Today it is known as one of the largest audiobook retailers in the US. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.
If your internet data is down for some reason, this app offers offline listening where you need to download the audiobook into the app.
The Audible app is free to download but you need to be signed up for a membership plan to listen to content. With the Audible membership plan at $7.95, you can have access to audiobooks, podcasts, medication programs, etc. You can even purchase additional content according to your liking. Another plan at $14.95 lets you enjoy an Audible Premium Plus membership including bonus material content and one title every month from a selection of bestsellers.
This is a free audio service that records books in an audio format and makes them available for free through the LibriVox app. The sole objective of LibriVox is to make all books in the public domain available in audio format on the internet.
If you are looking for an option that allows you to process information while you are listening to audiobooks, then LibriVox is the one for you. The LibriVox library includes books that are available in the public domain i.e. classic or old reads. If you are looking for new releases, you won’t find them on LibriVox.
But still, there’s a great collection of audiobooks you’ll find on LibriVox that you can play on one of your commutes.
Kobo Books
This might be currently the low-priced app for audiobooks and gives you access to around six million eBooks and audiobooks. You can use this app for 30 days for free, after which you will be charged $9.99/mo. Each monthly fee gets you one credit to use a new audiobook, regardless of how much it costs.
Kobo Books has an interesting list of collections that you can listen to, such as audiobooks that will change your life, audiobooks that come alive through voice, etc. Kobo Books is available for both Apple and Android users.
Pocket Casts
This podcast app is the most commonly used podcast platform in 2022, focused on next-level listening, search, and discovery tools. As soon as you download the app, you will be asked about your interests and things that you prefer listening to. These will be narrowed down to provide you with the list of podcasts that best suits your personality and interests. You don’t need to go through the hassle of subscribing to a membership, rather you can access the podcast library whenever you want.
Pocket Casts is only available for Apple devices, including Apple Watch.
Google Play Books
This app doesn’t require any monthly commitment. You can browse through the number of audiobooks that are available and purchase the ones you like. It has handy features like the ability to skip forward or backward 30 seconds. There is also a timer that you can set for an hour or 30 minutes, whenever you need the audiobook to stop playing on your device. You can even download them as well for offline listening.
The audiobooks can sync to all your devices, even with CarPlay in your car!
Final Thoughts
There you have it; 5 audiobooks and podcasts that we think you should listen to when on your commute. Hopefully, this list will help you find what you are looking for and make your long rides a little more bearable! Enjoy!