Yare village of devils

#didyouknow In Venezuela there is Yare: the people of the devils.
As every year we travel to the town of San Francisco de Yare, in Miranda State to participate in their festivities.
Los Diablos Danzantes de Yare is one of the popular religious manifestations of more than 300 years of tradition, mixing indigenous, black and Spanish cultures.
It is an act of representation of good against evil, in which devils dance in procession through the village to the door of the church (since the devil does not enter the church), they will remain prostrate while the parish priest officiates the Mass of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ at 9 Thursday after Holy Thursday). The devotion shown by its participants to fulfill the promises, which are usually for health issues (long and rare diseases difficult to cure) This tour is very colorful with its red costumes and their colorful and colorful masks, the faith with which the promisers participate, dancing devils make this celebration a real sample of the cultural encounter.
This demonstration was declared by Unesco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on December 6, 2012.
In the afternoon the dancers go down their masks until they put them on the ground as a sign of surrender telling us, that good has triumphed over evil and so they retire until next year.