How would you call?
This sky wound, bullet hole
Shot out when the day began
A careful shot between
The heads of mountains
Bleeding out the morning’s opening
Till reconciling it’s sins
It renews its joyous smile
Rising for the day

And how would you call?
It’s namesake beauty
It’s earthly scion
Crowned like a prince
With a mane of triumph
Smiling on its fellow kind
Taller than the rest
Stretching up as if to reach
Its genitor
Swallowing the morn

And how I ask would you call?
The gifts and wages of life
Those which bring its greatest joys
In bliss and glee, felicity
The gift like a crescent moon
Which from the arborescent perennial falls
To peel back the walls
That it has built
To beam its fair delight
A radiant delectation
Ere its confines to darkness fades

And how oh how I ask you would you call?
The little progeny
Sky and water heir
Leaving palmate prints
Within the earth
And one day to the sky you’ll take
Though for now you spend your days
In the dreamy mirrors of the pond
Like pitchers of dreams
Your plumage speak hope
Your wings speak joy

But how I ask would you call
The aging of it all?
Sanctity to desecrate
Like snow that’s found a dog
Like teeth that have missed the brush
All too many times
Rotten and befouled
Spoiled and besmirched
For it is meek and it is humble
It is joy and it is smile
It is sanctity and desecrate but
I shall call it

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