Yoda according to image on google

Hereby I present my first canvas,

I'm trying and seeing if it's going to work..
I still had a cloth 30x40 cm lying.

Photo was taken on my workstation

original photo found on google

repainted with acrylic of talens
3 different brushes used.

My next job is:

caterpillar on branch,
Butterfly crawling out of doll

As predicted.

Patricia de Mik
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mud mountain
#photography I took this photo in Romania. This is a mud volcano. You keep seeing hot mud coming out of the ground. This is in Buzau this photo is participating in Henkjan's challenge and I need 13 more likes, can you help?
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How green can green be?
Spring has a bit of a slow start. It remains quite cold, even during the day, and although the sun occasionally shines exuberant, there is always that cold wind. The advantage ? Spring is greener than ever in my region. That's why a photo round with the theme: Fifty shades of... green ! In the morning the pool lies peacefully. Only the flute concert of the many birds break through the sound of the rustling of the wind in the trees. A rare croak complements the music. It's early May and I have a day off. In the middle of the working week. I feel like such a lucky guy. Although they predicted rain and clouds, a spring sun shines, although it is a little veiled. No wandering walkers, no crying and running children, just nature... and I. I feel completely in my element. A little further I can go into the forest. Embrace the trees and protect me. There are open grasslands, reed collars, meadows... Locks, Shrubs and Trees. Fifty shades. My surroundings, my flat land.. All pictures are taken on the territory of the province of West Flanders, where I live. All on the territory of Woumen, Diksmuide, 15 minutes' drive from where I live. #photography #nature #naturephotography #woumen #diksmuide #blancard #naturereserve #verdant