YOORS Challenge: How does your family celebrate Christmas?


Christmas is a worldwide holiday, the birth of the baby Jesus and the end of the year we almost always celebrate with the closest relatives and friends, each family has unique and diverse Christmas traditions, many depend on the country where they are or where they are, also culture, education influence and much more religion.

This challenge is ideal for you to tell us about those traditions that have been maintained over the years in your home, so I invite you to make a post where you include your own photos that illustrate us about your family christmas .

I give you ideas, for example:
Tell us if they adorn the naviad tree on a special day or make a manger?
What is the Christmas dinner in your country ? some special tradition you want to tell us.

Make sure you use the tags #iamacreator #christmastraditions #merrychristmas

Invite 2 friends to participate and leave this challenge link in your post.

I invite in this first post to @ELINA RICKURA and @Carmen Vidal they will in turn invite two people who do the same thing in turn.