When Renesmee came home from the Internet cafe, to avoid being questioned about her behaviour, she rushed to her bedroom and locked herself in with a good book. She wanted to read more to have more topics for conversation with Theo - he seemed so intelligent and wise beyond his seventeen years of life that Renesmee, who was seen as smarter than most adults by her mother, felt like a complete dumbass next to him. She needed more life experience and while books couldn't really give her that, she still wanted to have something more to tell her new friend besides asking him how he was and attempting to agree with him without feeling confused about the topics of conversation. Whenever he mentioned social media, she felt strange about it, perhaps because she wasn't allowed to use it yet. She knew if Jacob tattled her to her family, she would be in big trouble. And she didn't want to lose the person she had just met - Theo was the first person who seemed to like her just the way she was, without the supernatural mumbo jumbo.

As she was reading a book about a conspiracy theory, a knock was heard on the door and interrupted her. She hated it when someone did that and regretted not putting a sign on her door to prevent people from disturbing her.

Grumbling, the young girl walked to the door and unlocked it. In the doorway was standing her father, "Renesmee, can I talk to you?"

She shrugged, "Go ahead," and comfortably sat back on her bed. What did her father want to tell her? And where was her mother? They did everything together. It seemed unusual to Renesmee that she wasn't there.

Edward took a seat next to his daughter, ready to have a conversation with her. He believed it was important and that she would appreciate having it with her. After all, she was a teenager and he was trying to understand how she felt. Carlisle and Esme would always remind him that adolescents needed their parents more than it seemed, "Your grandma told me that you sing."

In the afternoon, while the hybrid had been away with Jacob, her father had spoken to his adoptive mother after reading her mind. He agreed with Esme's idea about signing Renesmee up for an afterschool activity. Everybody could see how bored and tired she was with her life. She was so young, she deserved better and they were willing to give everything from themselves to make her feel happier.

Renesmee frowned, confused. What was her father's point? "What's that supposed to mean? You've heard me sing before," and crossed her arms over her chest.

Edward bit his tongue before continuing, "I just wanted to let you know that your mother and I are okay with you doing an after-school activity, but you know the rules about our secrets."

Renesmee wanted to burst into laughter. She couldn't believe that her own family didn't seem to have enough faith in her, "Have I ever slipped up?"

"Ness, you're a teenager. Anything can happen in a rush of euphoria or out of curiosity about the human world. You haven't been alive for that long."

She sharply interrupted the silence, feeling angrier by the minute. She hadn't meant to. The words simply began pouring out of her mouth, everything she had been bottling inside and only shared once with her grandmother was suddenly coming out before she could stop herself:

"What's the point, Dad? It's not like I will grow up and go to college and pursue a career, like everybody else in those choirs and vocal groups and whatever! So why do I need to go? Why do I need to try and pretend that everything in my life is just like everybody else's when it's clearly not?"

Edward was stunned. There was more than what he thought, more than what he had read in everybody's minds. His own daughter was so much like him in a way, he hated that. He wished he could tell her that she could be and do anything her heart desired as long as she had determination, but he couldn't. No matter what path his daughter chose in life, her supernatural roots would always be a burden. She was cursed to be like her aunt Rosalie would say, "frozen, never moving forward" and there was very little that could be done about that.

By the time he could open his mouth and speak, his daughter was already in tears. Without hesitation, he wrapped his cold arms around her and pulled her closer to himself. He began stroking her hair and whispering soothing words, but it wasn't enough. His only child, the one Bella and Rosalie had fought for during the entire pregnancy years ago, was suffering. He could now understand how his deceased parents had felt when he had declared that he would join the army as soon as he was a legal adult.

"What is the point?", Renesmee wailed in her father's arms, "What is the fucking point? What?"

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CUPS OF TEA [6] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction