Today in the flower parade, a flower with many names: silene, andweed, thousand goldenwort, cuckoo flower, celestial rose, vesicle.
And like the many names, so many different flowers there are of this species!

Silene is a group of plants, which are mostly pink, but also found in white.
I know the big blowing with white flowers, which you often find along the coast, from Iceland to Austria, Switzerland, and also in our country you will find them.
I don't have a picture of that, but I'm sure it's coming again.

Walking with my father through his garden/nursery we came across this variant: a thousand goldenwort.
I don't know where the name comes from, Dad doesn't know, it seems to be a local name.
In any case, it's a Silene, I was advised to search for Ledweed for more information.

Much I do not find about this particular flower, so I do it with the information I received from my father:
a fairly open plant, with pink flowers placed in screens.
A sun lover, blooms in June-August.
When you look closely you can see behind the pink flowers the vesicles, these are slim in this species.

Silene is a perennial plant that copes well with frost.
The plant grows up to about 70cm high.
It is an easy plant, which does not require special soil.
Now the only challenge is to find him somewhere... (except in my father's garden)!

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