Yoors Flower Parade, day 82

Today in the Flower Parade: a large shrub, with beautiful flowers: the Rhododendron.
Rhododendron is a plant species with thousands of different flowers.
You can often find the plant in parks, because it needs little maintenance, and gives a lot of color.

In Arnhem, in park Sonsbeek you will find whole hedges of Rododendron, I love them!
Originally, the plant comes from the mountains of China and Japan.
Soon the plants were brought here, and in the meantime there are many, many manifestations.

Sometimes you can find a mini-rhododendron in a garden centre, for your garden.
You generally buy an Azalea, which is closely related to the Rhododendron.
Azaleas are more known as Houseplant, but are also there for the garden.

In the current classification in botany, the plants are seen as different.
Rhododendrons are easy to maintain, and can grow in size: they reach wide and about 2.5 meters high with ease.
The wood of the bush seems to be good firewood, I never tried it.

Rhododendrons bloom in April/May, in various colors!
They prefer to stand in half shade, because they need a lot of moisture.

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