Here I am with another brief summary of what all has been done to the platform in the month of April, which has gone by way too fast.

  • A filter has been added to the search box. You can search by date, mediatype, popularity, etc thanks to @Sadaf W. 
  • Users uploading an image with .webp extension in the advanced editor could not save or edit their blog because of this bug. We have disabled .webp images for now, until further notice so that you can continue without problems.
  • Q&A feature has been released by @Babita de Boer. You can now ask any question to your followers and promote it.
  • All questions will be always be translated into Spanish, English and Dutch to reach your targetted audience better
  • On 25th of April 2022, we have released the new infrastructure. Under guidance of @Timothy van Exel we have managed to migrate our server with the help of the entire Yoors Team. Users have experience a downtime of 1 - 1,5 days.
  • All posts containing videos and audio have been optimized to load faster thanks to @Nino VR 

Updates for Premium subscribers:
  • It is now temporarily only allowed to translate your posts into Spanish, English or Dutch until further notice.

Stay tuned for the further releases of May. We are now focusing on speed and optimizing most of our functions. #yoorsupdates #yoors

Yoors List of Updates April 2022

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