Yoors? Of Cours!


You know, there's a lot of people who want to talk,
But sometimes, sometimes it doesn't work out.
And it's because of you, I can be a voice that sees their thoughts.

It is through you, then I may express, their joy and their sorrow.
Yes, it is because of you that I may express what is in their hearts.
With Poetry, I try life.
Yes... to share that, that's my pursuit.

You let me be a voice for those who remain silent.
You let me support those who have a hard time.

I write Poetry, written from a moving heart.
I write Poetry, written for sharing sorrow.

Improving the world? No, I can't.
Nevertheless, I would like to make sure that the silent voices are seen.

Hardening of feelings, I refuse to admit to that.
That's exactly why I miss poetry in life.

The world is big, and I don't have any name.
Yet it is a desire to see my poems.

My name is Angeliena House, poetry is my passion, poetry is my life.
I wish to pass on something to many people.
And that's why I thank you, you: YOORS, you support my endeavor!
I wish with all my heart that I may continue to be on your beautiful platform for a very long time.

by: a Voice of Thoughts
www.angelienahuis.nl   /  info@angelienahuis.nl