• All payments done !
  • Most of it was paid, except for some members with irregularities.
    If you received an email to email me your ID. Email your ID. Otherwise no payout !
  • If you don't have that post and don't have a payout. Send an email to henkjan@yoo.rs . After a few days ... So wait a few days. Paypal takes its time.
    In English and add the PayPal address you requested your payout. This is the ONLY way to communicate about payouts. Personal Messages. And somewhere a comment @ Yoors about your payout isn't seen !!
  • Venezuela account numbers don't work by boycot So use Paypal.
  • All payouts are around the 20th business day of a new month.
  • So please don't bother claiming your payouts in any way before this date! These messages are ignored.
  • Do NOT request two payouts per month. Only one will be approved. Other one you have to wait till next month.
  • You can only use one PayPal address for one account.
  • You can only ask for a payout if your account is monetized, View the link in this post and status on your own profile page.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Paypal payouts sometimes require confirmation by you ! So give that confirmation, otherwise there's no money and that payout will expire through Paypal. There's no way to reclaim your payout.

  • VERY IMPORTANT : Paypal sometimes takes a few days for your payout to arrive. Let me know in the comments if your payout is done . Thanks.

And remember 1% effort does not yield a 100% salary.


Yoors Payout 2 - 2022

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