Yoors Promotions


  • Promote your posts and increase your total viewers, comments and likes
  • Promoting means that your post will always be visible (also in https://yoo.rs/current)
  • Receive a reward in Yoors Points by commenting on a promoted post
  • Gift a promotion to someone else
  • Go to https://yoo.rs/promotions to view the results of all your promotions 

I have promised you guys a post about promotions. It is long overdue, so let's get started immediately! Promotions is a tool specially designed to those who wants to boost their profile and posts a little bit more. By using this tool, Yoors will give your post a special place on the site where everyone will be able to see it. You can promote any post easily wherever you see the lightning bolt icon.

Promote with the lightning bolt

On all your posts there's a promote button with a lightning bolt. Click on it to promote your post. We will guide you through the rest.

Promote other Yoorsies by going to their post and pressing the bolt icon too.


Improve your statistics

You can choose yourself how many and in how much time you would like us to deliver you with your desired statistics. The statistics that you can increase are:

  • total clicks (views)
  • total comments
  • total likes (indirectly)

Get paid to comment on promoted posts

  • Receive an email and/or notification about rewards attached to posts
  • Go to https://yoo.rs/rewards  to view all the posts with rewards
  • On this page you will see what you have to do to get the reward

  • Write a comment and receive a reward starting from 50 YP (This can climb up to 500 YP, depending on the priority)


View the results of your promotions

On https://yoo.rs/promotions  you can view the results of your promotions. You can edit the promotion settings there by clicking on the desire promotion.

You can also view the statistics of your other posts and decide which ones you'd like to promote.

Please ask any questions in the comments. Have much fun with this feature! #yoorsupdate#yoors#yoorshelp    

Photo by @Domz