Yoors Search has been improved!


We are coming again with a new mini-update. For the ones who were having difficulties finding blogs, that now is a problem of no longer! You have asked for it, and now we've finally had time to release this for you guys.

It is now possible to find everything (ok, maybe 99.9999%) you are looking for in our new improved search bar.  You can also easily find yourself and your posts! Some search results include:

  • users
  • posts
  • pools and hashtags
  • pool contestants
  • pool boosters
  • pool winners

Complete search functionality improvement

  • Search for users easily by just typing part of their name or their full name
  • Search for hashtags and pools by just typing in the text of the hashtag you're looking for
  • Search for a post by part of their title, their full title, by author or by hashtag

Other improvements

  • Search speed has been improved
  • Amount of visible search results have been increased
  • Search-page lay-out has been simplified and beautified for easier use