Welcome to Yoors!

Welcome! Nice to see you on #Yoors . You can find all kinds of subjects on this platform. The sky is the limit! Are you into photography? Share your photos and show the world what you have captured on camera or participate in one (or more) challenges concerning a special type of photography. For instance, do you see #facesineverydayobjects ? Make a photo and enter my challenge called #faceseverywhere (surprise huh) ;) Let's face it: it's fun! https://yoo.rs/nl/ab13eba644790c8ff031634cabfeca7b/blog/new-challenge-faces-everywhere-en-1581006903.html?Ysid=96905 

Do you like flowers? We currently have a photo-challenge going where you can post pictures of flowers, called #yoorsflowerparade. @FrutselenindeMarge started the challenge originally, to join it you had to make a picture every day for ten days in a row. One Yoors member was so inspired by this challenge (@Encaustichris), that she decided to extend the challenge. She's still posting photos of different flowers. Like this one, for instance https://yoo.rs/nl/encaustichris/photo/yoors-flower-parade-day-2-en-1592353202.html?Ysid=96905 

Is writing/reading stories (and or poetry) more your cup of tea? Don't worry. Yoors' got you covered. On a regular basis there are different writing challenges to be found on this platform. However, they're usually only available in the Dutch language. But nothing's stopping you to start your own writing challene!

Found something interesting on the news that you would like to share with us? You can post it on Yoors.

I've joined Yoors. Now what?

I can understand if you have a lot of questions about blogging on Yoors. How can I make sure people will read m,y blogs? How can I add a picture/photo? What kind of pictures/photo's can I use for my blog? I joined Yoors two years ago. I was looking for a job as proofreader, and stumbled upon this platform. When I saw the possibilities, I opened up an account right away. And I'm still blogging and posting whenever I can (or when I have inspiration, lol).

When you're faced with a problem, you can always reach out to @Ingrid Tips en meer 💡. She writes blogs helping you to understand blogging on Yoors. To help you on your way, I'll share one of her blogs on getting started as a new Yoors member. https://yoo.rs/nl/tipsvaningrid/blog/how-do-you-start-as-a-new-yoorslid-en-1584705603.html?Ysid=96905.  

#welcometoyoors Have fun blogging!