Ingrid´s post "Who your real friends are you only discover in difficult times?" Yes and No-My own version

Immediately after graduating, I had a car accident that sent me in a coma for 21 days. When I woke of the coma I was paralysed. I could not talk. I had double vision. My eyes were no longer strait. I was un-balanced. I had lost many abilities and a world of possibilities; I had turned into a very different person.

It was never easy for me to pay a strong attention to lots of people at the same time. A friendship, to earn that name, needs total commitment of both parts. By that time, I had a lot of people I was friendly with, but few real friends.

Two of them were indeed special. Dear, dear friends.

Each one reacted differently to what happened to me.

One of them abandoned everything in order to follow my movements. He was with me all the way through those painful months when I was discovering and adapting to a different me. He kept following my new self; doing everything he could, to help that somehow clumsy, un-balanced, ungraceful creature, that happened to be me.

The other, barely reacted.

Did I notice this difference?

Of course.

Did I love less the second friend?

Of course.

I agreed with Ingrid´s Yes, then.

A lot of time has passed since my accident. Although I still am clumsy, un-balanced, ungraceful, I regained some of my past things: I regained some movement (only some. Still un-balanced). I can talk, although I keep forgetting the words and my diction is difficult. In the eyes I didn´t regain a thing. But, most important, I regained happiness. Bit by bit, the second friend and I also regained our friendship.

Not everyone knows how to express that one is sympathetic. Or does not want to impose. Or assumes you have help. Or does not dare. Or has own issues.

I know these words to be true. Even as of today, I witness them now and again. I am more than certain those were the real reasons for my friend´s behaviour.

I agree with Ingrid´s No, then.

But where was my friend when I so desperately needed him?

As Ingrid says, Yes and No 


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