About me


Hi everyone

you know me, I am Italian, I’m 59, I write fiction, I review books and I run the collective literary blog signoradeifiltri .
This is a blog of many voices, where each writer writes what he wants, on the subject he prefers, without any obligations or timetables to be met. It can be anything, from photos, videos, personal reflections, to poems, stories, travel accounts, reviews of books and films. It’s like many blogs into one, a mix between a magazine, a website of literary criticism, and a personal blog.
I love reading, writing, watching films and televison, themed travelling and animals. I also loved skiing but I had to stop.
Before the pandemic, one of the things that relaxed me was shopping. We all know that shopping is about filling a void that will never be filled. I don't buy objects that can make me beautiful (they wouldn't exist!) but pretty things to compensate for the lump that knots my throat, the boulder that I have to lift with every breath. It is the fatigue of living that one afternoon alone in the city manages to put aside for a few hours.
But now it is much better to stay at home, to experience a more interior Christmas, not crowded with too many voices.