Meeting Missmuhimu on March, 31

The first time I noticed @missmuhimu was because of her skills moving around the internet. I was so amazed with the artistic work she made with photos given to her by other Yoorsies that I decided to ask her for private lessons. Said and done. It was the 31th of March and my first lesson would take place in the afternoon, at that cafe were all the Yoorsies usually gather to talk about their writings for 140w;

I didn´t know how the cafe looked like, but then she told me the 140word of that month was tea cosy. A blurred image began to take shape in front of my eyes; old ladies blowing their steaming tea cups while the brilliant, lively flames of a fireplace warmed up the room. I just loved it.

Well, nothing like that: someone gave me a hat the minute I came in, and told me I had to recite a poem.

I ran away. I know no poems at all and I don´t even “feel” the poems. In short, I don´t understand them. My area has always been the prose, a happy, funny prose, if possible.

She went after me and, seeing I was uncomfortable, tried to calm me down talking about the cycle of the plants, that outburst of life we could witness day after day, if only we payed attention from the beginning. Then we walked and talked peacefully, pleasantly, until we reached her house; she wanted to show me her garden and that miraculous blossom of nature.

It turned out to be a wonderful day with a new friend I had made at Yoors.

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