A day in the country with Albert

It was much easier for me to meet @Albert van den Berg , than it had been meeting Ingrid. To Albert´s house, I just had to take the bus. To go to Holland, I had to use that beautiful drawing, "Wings of Imagination".

As I was saying, I took the bus. Albert was waiting for me at the terminal. Instead of a bunch of flowers, he brought me a huge loaf of bread. How strange! Why? Then, I remembered Alberts´s post: we had indeed talked about bread. I had discovered he did it himself in his oven. How imaginative of him! Who else would remember offering a bread as a welcome gift? I noticed the bread seemed very heavy. I immediately decided eating as much as I could while still in his house. Otherwise, how could I bring that heavy present with me to Lisbon?

I felt honoured. It had been a gracious welcoming.

Outside Albert´s house, he chose two rockets. We sat there looking at that magnificent view surrounded by a blessed silence. I felt overwhelmed by all that peace.

He showed me his garden and explained everything to me. How he did things, when he did them, what tools he used… he even showed me how to plant something, saying I could do it at home. I didn´t quite catch it.

I saw a happy man there with the life he had chosen.

Then we went inside and ate a lot of bred. He didn´t want it, but I insisted. At some point those wonderful neighbours of his appeared. They also insisted, so I left Albert´s home with two eggs.

It was a nice afternoon. It´s wonderful to make new friends on Yoors.

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