Renesmee had begun to calm down in her father's cold arms. She had just confessed everything that had been on her mind lately and she felt as if her walls had broken down, yet at the same time, a stone from her chest had fallen. She wasn't sure which feeling dominated - the relief and the nudity felt equal to her.

"Shh, shh, Renesmee, breathe," Edward gently spoke, brushing some hair behind his daughter's ear. He could hear her heartbeat normalizing. That meant that she was starting to feel better.

Renesmee released herself from her father's embrace and looked him in the eyes. "Dad, have you ever felt as if there's no point in you being alive? Like... you don't feel like you live, but you simply exist?"

Edward nodded his head. Indeed, he had felt that way before he had met Bella and had created a family with her. He could understand where his daughter came from.

There was something he failed to comprehend, however, "But why do you chat with your friend then, if you feel like there's no point in doing that? Why are you wasting your time?"

She slowly shrugged her arms, her mouth half-opened, "I want to feel normal."

Edward understood better how his child felt. But he had to teach her an important lesson too - without it, he knew she would have a hard time finding happiness in her life. He had gone through the same and like many other parents, he didn't want his child to repeat the same mistakes he had made, "You want to feel normal? But I've told you and so has your mother - you can do many things in life and you shouldn't let your heritage limit you. I know you may not see a point yet, but the social experience is always beneficial. If you lock yourself in your world, then you won't see how beautiful real life actually is."

Dried tears were covering Renesmee's face. From stubbornness, she refused to wipe them away. Her nose was runny, yet she wouldn't get a handkerchief and blow it.

"You should go wash your face," Edward said, but only earned a shaking of Renesmee's head and a claim that it was fine and that it wasn't a big deal.

"I wanna ask how you knew about Theo, but my question is stupid. You read minds. There, I answered my question," Renesmee mumbled. At times, speaking with her father felt pointless - he could read her mind. Yet, she still wanted to make him feel normal, to make him feel included.

Her father chuckled, "Your thoughts about him are pretty loud. Much louder than those about Jacob."

The hybrid bit her lip, feeling uneasy. She wished her father couldn't use his special ability on her, at least not all the times. Not even letting things out in a diary made sense anymore. Why bother to do it if the whole family would know about her post private thoughts on the very next day?

She let out a deep sigh and turned to face her father, "Is it weird that I met Theo two days ago and I already want to be his friend and to meet him in real life?"

"I understand you," Edward told her, "But you have to be careful. Mingling with humans isn't easy - they can be too curious. Back in the day, I quickly fell in love with your mother and her curiosity and intelligence won, you know?"

Renesmee nodded her head, comprehending. She knew the story and had learnt the moral of it - curiosity, determination and intelligence were great qualities to have and luckily, her mother

"It's not about that. I'm not in love with him, I barely know him... It's just-", she stopped herself to carefully phrase her next words, "I just want to have friends, Dad. "Is it too much that I am asking for?"

"Everyone wants to have friends, Nessie. It's a normal feeling, even for the supernatural creatures," Edward spoke, wanting to encourage his only child, "But you have to be careful, okay? The Internet is not the safest place to meet people," with that, he leaned in and kissed Renesmee's forehead the same way he to this day kissed his wife's.

The young hybrid gave him a small smile, adding that she would consider joining the vocal group. Now that she had had this discussion with her father, she truly meant her words. There was no need for her father to read her mind or for her aunt to attempt to see the future to confirm it.

That night Renesmee didn't go to sleep. She, instead, read her books about high school and teens. Seeing how young people around her lived their lives and her conversation with her father had inspired her to begin living and not simply existing.

On the next morning, while she was having her breakfast, as soon as she swallowed her first bite of the eggs her mother had made her, Renesmee announced that she wanted not only to sign up for the local vocal group, but she also considered joining the local public school to enlarge her horizons.

Edward and Bella couldn't help but share a grin.

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