An idea for a COVER

No clouds would cover that sky. When I looked up they had opened a big hole and paved the way for a magnificent moon.


My contemplation ceased when my neighbour rang at the door to give me back the book I had lent her. “Didn’t like it”, she said. “The cover is nice, though.”

Off she went, as assertive as ever, in time for me to take a quick look into the breaking news. Big coverage of Government new measures relating to Covid-19.

Followed a dinner for two - during which we had time to cover pressing issues needing an immediate decision - and an equally pleasant time of nice readings. Later on, as I was removing the colourful cover of my bed, I thought that I should get up early the next morning if I wanted to post on Yoors.

I slept well, dreaming of nice cover-stories for foreign magazines and of magnificent pictures of myself appearing on their covers. I must have been more tired than I thought, because I woke up too late and had to rush off for a meeting, without even a glance at my laptop.

No problem, I’ll wait for the next word.