Yoorsnovember - Day 4 Cover


Cover by Enya Mona #Yoorsnovember #Cover

With the word 'Cover' I actually thought of a book, because every book has a cover of course. Cover can also be translated as' editing 'or 'fake'. Especially in the music this is applied when you make a cover of an existing song. But I have, of course, applied this in photography.

I could have just taken a picture of a book, but I wanted to do it a bit more fun. So... I've just made a super nice editing of it, even if I say so myself. The book in the picture stands for coverage/protection (another thing that can describe the word 'cover') for things from the outside.

A quote that I found fit with it:“Everyone is a different book, with a different cover, different contain but the question is do you dare to open it?”