For the past five months i have been frustrated 😤 boredom ruled my days ... What had the world come to 😭my plans all vanished ... My aspirations took another turn ... And i was as my worst ... I fell into depression without even knowing it and soon i felt like a zombie walking .. For us in kenya🇰🇪 our first case was discovered in march .. And this happened while i was in school .. Uni finishing my Bachelor degree in Project Planning and Management (Just 2 weeks to saying goodbye to books). Two days after our first case .... Our president ordered the closure of all schools and we were given 48 hours to go home ... Some of my mates were happy some like me were just sad😔 Month number one went down .. Month two walked by and went by too ... Month three was just like month two ... Month four i had ulcers and by the time i got better we were already at month five .. I had to something with my life. Otherwise i would lose myself .. So i enrolled online classes ,,,, volunteered for GOOD DEEDS DAY ..... Became part of the Young African Leaders Initiative and slowly got my purpose for life back .... I started reading books 📚 i joined#yoorspromotion And for sure even through av not reached where i to be... I one step ahead of where i was yesterday #iamnewhere #Kenyan #poetry #fairshare #coronatime #studentlife  #onlinelessons #Borninthe90s #140w