Yoors. What's the core narrative ?

  • Thursday night i posted What's wrong with our Yoors. ?
  • Friday / Saturday i posted about our repair strategy.
  • (We are making a worst first list and tackle the problems one by one, in cooperation with y'all. )
  • But as we concluded Yoors is much too process and sometimes much too complex.
  • If you tell that to a new potential member it's not really an advert :)
  • That is why I challenge you to write the story of Yoors with me and to get to the core.
  • The goal is to find and develop the ultimate post we can send to people we want to tell about Yoors.
  • I started this booster / pool / Challenge #YoorsStory . The booster ends on 1-3-2021.
  • I am looking forward to your contributions and i will contribute by posting highlights from my perspective.

Thanks in Advance,
Yoors, Henkjan