New Yoors shortcuts: check all posts that contain rewards for you to claim!


We have recently added two nice additions to our Yoors shortcuts. It can be very handy to check once in a while which posts currently have rewards on them, so you can immediately start sharing. Or which posts you can purchase and therefore browse through them all! You can find them in the side-menu under Recent.

Yoors Rewards

All the posts on which you can earn rewards on them if you activate Fairshare and share them to your profile. There's quite a few now in this list so go check it out. Quick!

Yoors Premium Posts

All the posts to which you have to purchase to read or view the full content can be found under Yoors Premium. Save up on some YP to buy some of them or make your own Pay per Post.

Future releases:

  • Yoors Pools: Win 10% of the YP in pools daily + receive an incremental  Yoors Booster of 10 YP  on of all the votes that your posts receive by participating in pools with YP in them. (ETA has been postponed to beginning of august)
  • Delete a Fairshare from your profile and therefore cancel your 50/50 profit (RELEASED)

That was it for now. See you next time with the next update! #yoorsupdate . Did you see a stinky bug? Please submit this under Submit a bug report in your right side-menu. #yoorsrewards#yoorspremium   #yoorshelp