Yoors Pools Z

Yoors Pools


  • Each pool contains Yoors points and is linked to a hashtag
  • Compete with other Yoors members in multiple  pools
  • Vote for your favourite member by pressing the heart button
  • The one with the most votes (1st place winners) will receive a percentage of the pool's jackpot

How do I participate in a pool?

  1. Make a post and look for the pool option in the editor
  2. Choose your pool by typing in the hashtag
  3. Choose the amount of time that you want to participate, you can edit this amount by adjusting the slider or typing it in.
  4. Save your settings and finally publish your post.


When do you win a pool?

  1.  1st place winners will be elected at 22:00 GMT (00:00 Netherlands time) every day
  2.  You have to have a minimum of 10 votes to win
  3. Check the exact countdown for the next election on the pool's page, f.e https://yoo.rs/tag/photography 


Click on the heart button to fill a pool up with more Yoors Points

Click on the booster button to add a booster to the pool

Follow the hashtag to receive notifications about other posts or rewards

At 22:00 GMT, the next election will take place. Will you be one of the winners?


After 00:00 you will receive a notification if you won and you will be rewarded with your deserved Yoors Points.

Look forward to this notification shown on the left as you are the rightful winner.

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