You And Another

You And Another

Finger-pointing in another.
Streams cry, dryness in human despair, it feels.
You’re another to another, keep it in the mind.
Mirroring value from within out, another can be triggered —
Do not let You stop from shining light because of another illuminated dark.

Fearless warrior of Love, another is just a part of the same one,
same old You in the rhythm of the All. Dance on the drum sounds
slowly breath golden green, barefooted on the grass, command peace now.

Re-claiming courage to change what You can, world You represent.
It’s always been up to Your choices, and decisions.
Now is a gift, the reason why it’s called a present —
enjoy it with a wide smile, human, You are alive!

Here on Earth to be a witness of Love in all kinds of forms —
Surrender to Your higher Soul call. It’s a field of flowers garden in the chest. For You to grow and cherish, than to get given away like the ultimate expression of Love. For You and Another. Ooh, the happiness of Life!

Deeply feeling peace, divine order from healing chaos —
Patience for another and You alike.
Wisdom to recognize personal power You have,
stored on a cellular level.
In the body and the mind,
Ocean deep and heaven wide Spirit—
named Love. For You. Another, alike. Ooh, the easiness of Life!

Judgment and loud roughness while You’re
being someone another, leaving deep wounds.
But you’re wiser than that pain right now —
reviling secret so far — remedy on a palm, simple as that.
Remedy stored in a breath, created in the heart, unique to
talents every human has.

Gratefulness in birds freestyle song.
Simplicity in wings flapping.

Magnificient stillness and move momentum — at the same time!
You and Another are imperfect parts of a perfect one, a simple tale.
Therefore, no fear, doubt, or neglection from being true You —
a perfect source shining like a Sun inside the chest.
Making flowers grow colorful, You’re so imperfectly beautiful.

This poem served me as a sort of meditation in nature. I found a nice spot underneath the olive tree, came up with this poem, and a few more, had my battery filed :D Sharing the small part of the video from this morning 🌞 ❤️ 🐦