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You Should Know The Fascinating Story Of Doctor Strange!

We all have heard about Doctor Strange, he is one of the best characters in the Marvel cinematic universe! His magic is out of the world, he has the time stone which can do wonders. Doctor Strange has only one part but that single part created a crazy fan following. The story of Doctor Strange is very unique and amazing! You should watch Doctor Strange with your friends and family, you will enjoy it a lot.


Doctor Strange or we can say Stephen was a great neurosurgeon who liked to treat people who were impossible to treat. He was a successful doctor, one day he met with a huge accident in his car. His hands were destroyed in the car accident. Just think about his situation that the hands which treated impossible cases could never be cured.

Many attempts were made to heal his hands, all the possible scientific methods were used to cure his hands but his nerves were destroyed so nothing worked. He was very desperate to cure his hands and was ready to do anything to cure them as soon as possible so he traveled to Tibet. There he became the Master of mysterious arts!


He became capable of pulling energies from the multiverse which made him a very powerful magician. He wears a magical cloak of levitation and also wears a lot of magical accessories. Do you know the use of the cloak? The cloak is very powerful which protects him from magical attacks from other magicians, he can change the color of the cloak when he wears it.

Doctor Strange has the Eye of Agamotto, you would be thinking what is the use of this Eye of Agamotto? The Eye of Agamotto is extremely powerful, it gives power to Doctor Strange to see the future and past! He fights with one of the most powerful villains who is a great magician. Baron Mordo who is a very powerful villain wants to kill the ancient one with his black magic, Doctor Strange fights with him and wins the battle.


Wong, who is also a great magician, partners with Doctor Strange many times to help him. The family of Wong served the ancient one for many generations so it was the time for Wong to serve Doctor Strange. Wong is a very loyal and powerful magician who tried his best to protect Doctor Strange.

After watching the movie Doctor Strange people became crazy fans of the Doctor Strange character. Doctor Strange is loved by millions of people for his amazing mystical powers. Benedict played the part of Doctor Strange very nicely.


You should see this movie whenever you want to watch something very unique and magical. Doctor Strange is worth watching, you will also become a great fan of Doctor Strange after watching this movie. Hope that you liked reading this post. We would like to know your views on Doctor Strange, comment below your views about it.

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