So if you managed to watch the lives yesterday you’ll see we have a new foster baby camel - Colin 😁
He’s approximately 7 months old, underweight and had very itchy skin! The guys know what it is as both Humphrey and Bogart get it sometimes and have treated him with a product (not sure which but I’ll ask when I go over there shortly)
He got a nice shower - which he complained about 🤣 (camels are very dramatic!) and lots of yummy barseem which he enjoyed. But if you watched the lives you’ll see he proved to be particularly partial to carrots 🤣 (for that read he’s a carrot fiend 🤣)
He originally came for a shower - but Morad told the owner he was welcome to leave him with us as a foster. Some of you will know how much I love camels and Colin is beyond adorable so I’m more than happy he’s staying with us for a while ❤