What is the book that you associate the most to your childhood?
The story that takes you to that special place of your younger days.
Was it the first book that you loved when you started to read?
Or was it a bedtime story which your parents always read for you?
What is your favourite?
  I have several books in my heart. I remember my mother always reading to me from two enormous volumes of Brothers Grimm's Tales and Andersen's Tales. And when I learned to read, I continued to love those volumes full of amazing stories. Many years later, half crumbling, because those are in the family for years (given to my mother when she was a child), they are now little treasures that I keep.
  Then there was also "Petzi", the little explorer bear and friends (by Rasmus Klump). I had all the comics collection for this one.
  "Noddy"  was my other first collection. My parents had carefully bought all Noddy books for me. I was very little, probably 3 years old. One day I said "Look mommy, I cleaned all the books!". I had removed the covers from almost the entire collection. My mother was very sad and tried to buy them all again, but the edition had changed by then and soon I was on to other, different, readings. This was an important moment for me too. I learned to love and value books. When I read a book, I always try to keep it in as perfect a condition as possible.
  Another series from childhood is the "Sherlock Holmes" stories. It was when I discovered these books that my love for Detective stories started.  And it continues still today.

 And now I want to hear about your stories!