Your journalistic contributions to Yoors?

My longer-term goal is that everyone can discover the world from everyone's perspective on Yoors.
So that by sharing each other's perspective, we can understand each other better.
If you can look through someone's lens, you can better understand that person..

I am therefore looking for (citizen) journalists from all over the world.
I don't care if you're a pro or an amateur. Young or old.
As long as you write with a journalistic perspective or otherwise report.
As far as I'm concerned, it can also be videos or podcasts with a journalistic approach.

Sometimes you can see posts coming by on Yoors that give a journalistic insight into the environment of the writer or vlogger.

Definition: Journalism is reporting news. Journalism companies means gathering, sending, distributing, commenting news and intelligence and describing events.

There are no restrictions on your contributions provided they comply with the very liberal guidelines.
There is absolutely a free speech on the platform. However, there is a content moderation tool in which every member has a vote. Also, each member can report an item. This does not mean that it has consequences. So if the majority votes against.

Do you have experience with this as well as posts on other websites that you can demonstrate ?
Or do you have friends that you should immediately think about when you read this ? Give them a ping.
And let them comment below or email me to . (Please ih english)

Respond or email in the comments with a link to relevant posts so that we can take a look.
For these journalists I have structurally long-lasting boosters ready. In this case, a booster is a substantial subsidy from Yoors on every upvote you get on your posts. This is exclusive and reserved for your work.
So in proportion to the quality of your work, you will get your compensation for your work faster.

  • If you find this post via google, for example, the offer is still valid. So please respond !
  • The source of this post is the Dutch language so if you read in another language then this is an automated translation.
  • Here you can read the vision and mission of the Yoors platform.