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By now it seems that I am doing nothing but drawing, illustrating and animating. And that's true, BUT 4 years ago I started with this series “Youtubers Animate”. In this series I grab a random (well-known) YouTuber or suggestion for a YouTuber and make it an animation or digital art! And it's a special moment for me, I finally made the 10th episode in this series! This took a while because I stopped it several times because I didn't know what content I wanted to create. But 3 months ago I decided that I was going through with it again and have made 5 episode ever since!

The 10th Episode

I put this episode online yesterday and it's a special episode! It is about Donkaaklijn and this is also directly a collaboration with another YouTuber! I was asked by the YouTuber “Party Vision” to create this animation. Party Vision is a channel that makes Remix of YouTubers their videos. In a way he does what I do with my series, but not with drawing but with music!

So it's special for me because it's been a long time since I've done a good collaboration on YouTube. Let alone something that fits perfectly into my schedule of the videos I'm making.

Also this is (for now) the last Dutch video I make on MY channel. Since 2 weeks I started focusing more on making content in English. And this seems to help me get on the way! On the channel “Enya and Marc” we stay naturally Dutch/Flemish. 😋

Watch the 10th episode below and on YouTube I put everything in a playlist if you want to see more.


Animate Donjawline

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The 140 breadcrumbs or so... (10)
above photo: Unsplashs For my 10 th contribution to the challenge #140w with the word “breadcrumbs “I think of our animal friends. Here come me 140 words from today: Who hasn't given the ducklings some bread or breadcrumbs? Many of us probably and yet this is actually not so good. There are a number of reasons we need to get rid of that. First of all, some of those bread pieces are not eaten. This causes the emergence of algae that are very harmful to the fauna. They are the cause of fish mortality. It also causes the water to smell very unpleasant. That way, we disrupt the ecosystem. Another count is that bread does not contain the right or good nutrients that those lovely lovely ducklings need to maintain their body temperature. Can we not feed those ducklings?? Well, no bread or breadcrumbs but peas, bird seed, (boiled) rice and corn will digest the bugs better than bread. © Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere photo pixabay
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The Pinch
We are cycling, Jan likes to be on the pedals, my tongue is almost on the handlebar, not an ideal position. In the park is a short distance from the path, a work of art: a flathheye wooden structure in the shape of a clothespin. Jan never has an eye for art, I think it's funny, it looks like the pin is holding a mountain of grass and wants to take a closer look at it. But culturally barbarian Jan has no message to this. The underlying distance grows. “Hey, Jan, don't ride so fast! Take a look around you, enjoy nature!' Jan holds in for a moment, looks skitfully to the left. “I don't ride so hard for nothing. You see that giant pincher? Who stands for treachery. The ground is waving, the earth is moving, I'm telling you, something is not fluff!' 'That's just an art object.' “No, it doesn't look like art in the farthest distance. It's a giant pincher, you hear?? The Pinch of a Giant! And you see what it's on?' My heart is pounding, I have aroused his interest, now nonchalance feigning. “On a grassy shedding. What cares that?.' “Don't you feel the earth trembling? It's not an ordinary grass huvel, sure not!' “And, Jan, what do you think it would be??' “A disguised giant. He lies. He sleeps. restless. He sleeps onrustig. It would also make me restless when I lie under the sods of grass.' 'And the pincher who's definitely standing on his nose, 'I hear how ridiculous this sounds, his fantasy has taken a walk with him. “Hahaha, Jan, I think you've contracted a Danian contagion.' “Don't laugh! It is so. The pincher is on his nose.' “And then why?' “To stop the snoring, duh.' “And where do you get that wisdom from?' “Do you hear someone snoring?' 'No.' 'Well then! Facts don't lie. I'm telling you, we have to cycle fast before the giant wakes up.' “And why would the giant wake up?' “Everyone wakes up over time. Only in fairy tales sleeps a few hundred years.' 'There's no pin in there.. But wait, I want to take a picture of it first! You don't see a giant pincher every day.' 'I'll app to the other side of the park. There are also a few silly individuals watching, who can shoot a picture, we are also on.' 'Tight plan!' Jan sends the app and we continue our way. #shortstory