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In August 2019, I spotted a cute bag at one of the stands at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. It was available as a kit, and of course the kit came home with me.

The pattern/kit can be purchased HERE (no affiliation).

It noted on the outside that the pattern is not suited for a beginner. Well, that’s no problem, I’m not a beginner and I have made bags before.

The kit contained the following:

  • One picture of the bag on the front page – and that is the only picture available (anywhere!)
  • List of requirements
  • Sufficient fabric to make the bag
  • Contact details for designer and supplier
  • Of course the pattern and information on how to make the bag.

Things that had to be added were:

  • Buttons
  • Wadding/batting
  • Embroidery thread


  • 505 spray – some kind of glue?
  • Magnetic clasps

Once I arrived home, I wanted to make the bag as soon as possible.

The pattern contains a lot of written text, which you have to read very carefully. It is very easy to miss any steps – which happened to me several times.

As my main language is Dutch, I translated the steps in Dutch and wrote them down in a notebook. Later, I created my own version of the pattern in Dutch –and at that part I discovered the missing steps - as I certainly intent make another one (or more). As per the designer’s copyright, I will not share my pattern.

If you read the text very carefully and follow all the steps of the pattern, the bag goes together very well and quite smooth.

I found one little mistake in the measurements of the strips to make the checkerboard piece: in order to get to the required width of that part, you have to add at least 3 inches to the strips you have to cut.

An excellent pattern, so there you go!

However…. I did experience a few things and I made some changes because sometimes I like to do things different. I have listed them below.

  • The pattern has a short cutting guide, but in the text of the pattern you’ll find more parts to cut.
  • You have to know how to cut binding: straight for straight parts; on the bias for curved parts.
  • According to the pattern you have to “505 spray” some parts together. I suppose it is some kind of glue and I don’t like that. Instead of doing that, I thread basted/quilted parts together where required.
  • For the flowers on the white front pocket I found some really cute (larger) buttons, so I changed my design. Unfortunately some of the buttons disappeared behind a fold.

  • If you use magnetic clasps, you may want to wait with attaching the part that holds the top half of the clasp until the bottom part is in place too. In my case the difference between the measurements in the pattern and my bag were ½” off and I had to “sew backwards” to line both magnetic parts up.
  • The designer uses single layer binding but I prefer a double (folded) binding. The fabric in the kit was not sufficient for that, so I used a contrasting color. No problem, as the bag is very colorful anyway.
  • I had never sewn an “inside corner” binding before; I had to find out how that was done via internet. It's not difficult once you find out how it's done.
  • The designer uses narrow strips to cover certain seams, I used binding strips.
  • I did not use the large buttons on the handle as described in the pattern, for me it’s just not the right place to have buttons.


My overall opinion is that it is a cute little bag (11” x 8”), relatively easy to make if you have any sewing & quilting experience.

The next time I’ll make this bag, it will certainly become a bigger version.

Have you made this bag? Did you make any changes?

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