Hand Pieced Quilt Along 2019-01 - Baby quilt

Through one of the Facebook groups I’m following, I found a new quilt along project I would like to do someday.
I did not plan to start this project, as I’m still working on the “Winterse hexjes” [LINK] and I already have to many projects that need to be finished (UFO’s) – the “problem” of the majority of quilters.

As always, I planned to save the notes and get back when I have time to start something new… some day…

But, as always, fate gave me an excellent reason to start a new quilt: I just heard that I will become grandmother again – and of course the new baby needs a quilt!

So this time I intend to make a baby quilt – sewn and quilted by hand.

The Quilt Along party (QAL) is hosted by Kristin Esser - Simply Everyday Handmade - and Patty Dudek - Elm Street Quilts.

It starts in January 2019 and will last for approx. 3 months. Kristin and Patty will teach step by step how to make nine (9) different basic blocks and how to assemble them to make a quilt.
Of course, Kristin and Patty will only be making small quilts:
Kristin will do 23 x 23 inch / 58 x 58 cm; Patty will do 32 x 32 inch / 81 x 81 cm.

I want mine to be bigger: approx. 80 x 120 cm / 34 x 44 inches.

The quilt blocks and layout have been revealed, the pattern looks like this (picture from Elm Street Quilts, with permission from Patty Dudek - LINK).

Each block will be 6 x 6 inch / 15 x 15 cm (finished in the quilt), and we will be sewing one block per week for 9 weeks.

The first block tutorial will be posted on Monday 21 January; before that, we have 2 weeks to decide on the fabrics we want to use.
That is doable. Only – mine needs to be bigger, so I have to figure out how to set my blocks and how much background fabric I need.

I have set up an Excel spreadsheet; adjusted the height and width of the cells so they look like little squares.

Each cell refers to 1 inch finished size in the quilt. With Paint, I selected parts from the provided block coloring page and then just pasted them in place to get an idea of what the result would look like.

This is what I came up with: 

I need 12 blocks instead of 9; wider sashing, and 6 smaller corner blocks.
For the corner blocks I have some bear fabric. With narrow bright color piecing they look cute, don’t you think?

Now on to the design sheet, I need to decide on what colors I want to use for the blocks.

Do you want to learn more about making a quilt by hand? This sew-along is a great opportunity!

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